It’s that time of year, and ColoradoGivesDay is right around the corner on December 6! This is an
opportunity for community members to come together to help support local causes that make an
impact – like Immigrant Pathways Colorado!
Immigrant Pathways Colorado relies on your support to ensure we can help immigrants’ dreams
come true and their skills and contributions to our community can be realized. Please consider
including us in your Colorado Gives Day plans.
You can schedule your gift today below.

Immigrant Pathways Colorado was founded in 2009 to support self-development activities and the integration of immigrants and refugees into the Denver Metro area. Immigrant Pathways Colorado is a community-supported 501(c)3 organization.  

Estele Alvarez, Mexico
Estela – Mexico – Citizenship

Your help is needed to provide a warm welcome to the Metro area’s newest neighbors. Donate today!

“Becoming a citizen of the United States is very important to me because it gives me a better tomorrow and an opportunity to get to the next level in my life as a mother and first and foremost a woman.  It will help me be successful.” ~Estela from Mexico

Thank you to our sponsors

First Bank

 Credit Union of Colorado Foundation

Helen K. Amter, In Memorium

Sonja Tilliros, In Memorium

James Hart, In Memorium