Welcome to LI3!


Welcome to the Littleton Immigrant Integration Initiative.

This new nonprofit is designed to support programs in our community that encourage learning English, becoming citizens and participating fully in the life of the community.

We also provide limited support to individual documented immigrants and refugees seeking a better life for their families.  For example, we provided one refugee from Iraq with assistance to buy tools so that he could increase his family’s income in his work as a mechanic.  Other examples:  we may provide partial tuition for English classes, books and materials for classes, GED preparation and testing, and assistance with citizenship application and processing fees.

We depend on the generosity of community members as we seek to make Littleton a community where people from around the world feel “at home.”  We welcome your ideas, your caring and your financial support.  We hope you will join us on this journey to a just and equitable future for all.

Susan Thornton

Chair, LI3

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