Former Littleton Councilwoman Joins LI3 Board!

The Littleton Immigrant Integration Initiative (LI3) is pleased to  announce that Amy Conklin, Littleton City Councilwoman from 2003-2007, has been  appointed to the Board of Directors of the initiative.  The appointment is for a three-year  term. 

Amy  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Colorado College in Colorado  Springs, and a Master of Science degree in Water Resources Management from the  University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Amy is  an active, long-time community member, volunteering in the schools, chairing the  2013 Littleton Community Retreat, serving on the Littleton Planning Commission  and the Board of the Colorado Municipal League, and as a member of the Board of  Colorado Water Wise.  She also  served as treasurer of Water 2012.  She currently coordinates the work of the Barr-Milton Watershed  Association and oversees an EPA grant to bring clean-water messaging to the  metro area.


Susan Thornton,

LI3, Chair