What a Few of Our Grantees Tell Us

We asked some of our grantees what small amounts of assistance from LI3 meant to them.  Here are what some of them had to say:

I want to thank LI3 who helped my family to settle in Littleton.  Coming to a new country is like suddenly being blind.  How do we know what to do?  Where do we go?  Who will lead us?  We were so lucky to have a team of people who helped us find our way and to finally live in peace.

  • Raad (refugee from Iraq)

I would like to have more opportunity to improve my family life, career, and for my two children, both born in America.  Becoming a citizen will assist with completing college and I look forward to taking part in my community as a voter.

  • Maria

LI3, thank you very much for the help, especially with providing me the money [for citizenship application].  I was able to pass my test and I truly appreciate your support.  I hope you can continue to help more people like me who need it.  Thank you again and may God bless you.

  • Diana

It is important for me to become a U.S. Citizen so that I can stay here in the United States, close to my children and grandchildren who are all U.S. citizens.

  • Rosa

I spent more than 30 years living in the United States.  I feel part of this country all of my daughters are U.S. Citizens.  I want to start with English classes so I can help my family and give back to this beautiful country.  I plan to volunteer when I can use my native language.

  • Josepha

I very much appreciate the support of LI3 to help me pay for [citizenship application] costs.  I am also very appreciated of this country which is why I want to become a citizen.

  • Julian

I am very greatful for the scholarship as it is a big help to obtain my DACA. This is important to me because this is my opportunity to finish what I started.  I am/will be able to finish my career.  It is a nursing career.  If I cannot do this I will continue with a career in education.  I love to help people and being bilingual this will give me a bigger opportunity to help out in a better way.  Thank you so much for helping me on my way to a better life.

  • Olivier (brought to this country without documents as a young child)

I am very happy to become a citizen.  I will feel bigger and more confident.  I can go to school, get an education and get some benefits.  I will get English education so I can talk with everyone.

  • Esmerelda

Thank you so much for your support of my citizenship [application].  That would not be possible if not for your support.  With all my heart,

  • Claudia

I am very happy.  I am very close to becoming a citizen on August 12.  Thank you for your help.  With all my heart, God bless you always.

  • Antonio