Black Lives Matter

Dear friends of Immigrant Pathways Colorado

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you today.

Like you, the Board of Immigrant Pathways Colorado was shocked, angered and saddened by the killing of a black man, George Floyd, by a white policeman. It was another devastating example that, sadly, racism still exists within our country and is impacting many communities.

No law-abiding person should live in fear of the very police who are supposed to protect us all. And yet millions of African-Americans live with that fear every single day.

And they are not alone.

Too often immigrants and refugees – even those in the country legally — live in fear of the authorities and of racist neighbors.

Many of the hard-working people you have helped Immigrant Pathways Colorado support with “self-development” grants and scholarships have brown or black skin and face routine discrimination in employment, health care, education and more. Some are Muslim women who wear traditionally modest gowns and often suffer harassment as they walk about in public.

We know that there is a deep racial divide in our country — but we also know that there are many good people like you who do not share racist beliefs. It is our responsibility as people of conscience to act.

We must commit to learning how we can take a stand against racism and oppression.

We must show up for racial justice in our conversations, our actions and in the causes we support.

For the last decade, Immigrant Pathways Colorado has partnered with you to build a thriving community for all – and we must continue our dedication to that cause. The hard work we have done together cannot be in vain.

The Board of Directors,

Immigrant Pathways Colorado

For some additional steps you can take to combat racism, visit