Our Major Partners

Arapahoe Community College

ACC_Name_RGBYou know you are meant to Do More. Go beyond. To a full life. Through an education that isn’t just about mathematics, business administration, nursing, or online learning, but about discovering who you are. Who you were meant to be. That happens at Arapahoe Community College. Through small class sizes. Through instructors who care. Who want you to succeed. Through an affordable education—close to where you live. Do More—at ACC. www.arapahoe.edu


Bethany Evangelical Free Church

Bethany ChurchTrinitarian worship, spiritual formation and missional Christianity.  www.bethanyefree.org



The Buck Foundation

Buck FoundationThe Buck Foundation is a family foundation with a commitment to peace and social justice that supports children, youth, women and minorities. It was founded by Douglas H. Buck and Mildred M. Buck in 1986 and benefits from continuing involvement and support by their children and grandchildren. www.TheBuckFoundation.org



First BankFirstBank of Littleton

 FirstBank is fortunate to have financial stability, outstanding employees, and the greatest customers we could ask for. We owe our success to the core values we’ve held since we were founded in 1963. Ever since, we’ve maintained a strong commitment to convenience, friendly and intelligent customer service, loyalty to our employees, and a high regard for community investment. FirstBank has locations in Colorado, Arizona, and California.

Visit them at https://www.efirstbank.com.


Littleton Immigrant Resources Center

Littleton Immigrant Resources Center
The City of Littleton’s Littleton Immigrant Resources Center (LIRC) helps immigrants who are living in the metro area with information about community resources, citizenship, peer support, ESL classes, and much more.

Visit them at www.littletongov.org/bemis/lirc.



Spring International Language center at ACCSpring International Language Center at ACC

Spring International Language Center is a professional, academic organization providing intensive English and cross-cultural education to international students.  As an institution, we strive for excellence in an environment which treats faculty, staff and students with respect.  We attempt to understand and appreciate the students’ cultural differences and to enhance their ability to function effectively in a new culture.  We believe in encouraging the language acquisition and personal progress of students in an atmosphere of support, openness, and understanding. www.spring.edu