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Dear friends of Immigrant Pathways Colorado,

Social Distancing, not Community Distancing. Touching Hearts, not Hands. During these challenging and unsettling times, we are revisiting and reevaluating our actions as are other nonprofits, schools, businesses and individuals. As a Board, our primary concern is the health and welfare of our families, friends — and you, our generous donors. Due to the coronavirus, we are postponing our popular Donor Appreciation Luncheon, previously scheduled for early May. Please stay tuned for more information on the rescheduling of that event. We are acutely aware that our grantees — hard-working, documented, low-income immigrants, refugees and asylees — are more than likely suffering increased economic hardship due to the coronavirus. Many of these New Americans hold the lowest-income jobs across the metro area and are experiencing layoffs or reductions in hours. We feel a tremendous responsibility to continue to honor and support these vulnerable members of our community.

Please consider making a tax-free donation to Immigrant Pathways Colorado, PO Box 401, Littleton, CO 80160, or donating below. Do take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and continue your good work in the community from a distance. The Rose Community Foundation has published a line saying, “Social distancing, not community distancing.” We would add, “Touching hearts, not hands! We appreciate and care about you!

Susan Thornton for the Board of Directors, Immigrant Pathways Colorado

Click here to see our YouTube channel, featuring immigrants who have been helped by grants from Immigrant Pathways tell their stories. Meet Sahil from Afghanistan, Nisren from Iraq, Kuang from Myanmar, and Diana from Venezuela.  See also a personal message from Immigrant Pathways Chair, Susan Thornton.

Immigrant Pathways Colorado was founded in 2009 to support self-development activities and the integration of immigrants and refugees into the Denver Metro area. Immigrant Pathways Colorado is a community-supported 501(c)3 organization.  

Our Vision: To create a community in which immigrants feel they are welcome, belong and can contribute.

Our Mission: To assist immigrants to make Colorado their home and to build mutually respectful relationships within the community.

Our Values: We honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to create and maintain an organization that respects diverse traditions, heritages and experiences. We encourage immigrants of all ages to integrate fully into the social fabric of the community.

Estele Alvarez, Mexico
Estela – Mexico – Citizenship

Your help is needed to provide a warm welcome to the Metro area’s newest neighbors. Donate today!


Immigrant Pathways Colorado partners with a number of metro-wide organizations, including the Littleton Immigrant Resource Center (LIRC) at Bemis Public Library in Littleton. There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Center as a citizenship or English-language mentor, in the office, and on special projects. Call 303-795-3968 or click here to volunteer with the LIRC!

“Becoming a citizen of the United States is very important to me because it gives me a better tomorrow and an opportunity to get to the next level in my life as a mother and first and foremost a woman.  It will help me be successful.” ~Estela from Mexico




Helen K. Amter, In Memorium